Multi-residential and Hospitality

Multi-residential and Hospitality Architecture is one of our expertise design segment. keendesignstudio can provide a service for multi residential project, started from architectural feasibility study up to the commissioning process of the project. Our company can provide a precision design result with our strong understanding in implementations of architectural laws and regulations along with an understanding in environmental Impact Assessment process.

The ability to carry-out an innovative and creative design solution is out of our strong point. Creating a unique design is our goal in creating our architectural works. At our firm, we strongly have a belief that a good architectural design will carry out the project sales success and will inspire the marketing strategy of the project.

Commercial and Office

with our design process that start from designing from inside to outside, keendesignstudio aiming to create an interior design solution for commercial and offices that can express through out the architectural design and facade. our interior design for commercial and office space’s goal is to create a design that reflect the character of your product and of the company, giving a strong character of our client corporate identity.

To carry out the best design result, our company has a construction department that can pro­vide a full scope from design to construction.

Technical Architecture

keendesignstudio has a strong interest in being part of an innovative project in collaboration with a highly technical engineering approach. Our past projects in this segment have been a success as shown on the design award that we have been given to.

Our company can work innovatively with complicated engineering criteria to achieve the finest result of an architecture that is combined creative engineering and aesthetic.

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